In the heart of the Dolomites

The Dolomites

There are many who have fallen in love with Val Gardena's mountains during summer: those clear, blue skies, its fresh air, the flower fields, the mysterious forests, the pale, red-tinged sunset peaks of the mountains, the enchanted Dolomite nights.

However, there's one thing which unites all visitors who have been to this holiday valley: once you experience Val Gardena you'll always be tempted to return and remain faithful to its attractions. It has a big heart and thousands of friends.

You too should enjoy a slice of Val Gardena. A spring weekend. An early winter week. Or a long succession of crisp, late summer days. Don't be shy: meet the people of the valley. Talk to them, because they embody the typical Ladin joie de vivre.

Val Gardena is in fact the perfect embodiment of a European cultural melting pot. Keeping up traditions and customs, maintaining every cultural aspect, especially the Ladin language, is somewhat of a comfort and extension of identity to the local people.

'Bën uni' = 'Welcome'. You just have to listen to this mysterious language or take part in a traditional holiday, when valley inhabitants wear their traditional clothes, to fully submerge yourself in the splendour and glory of days past.

Not only is culture in Val Gardena alive: it also stirs you to life.

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